Our Services

Alexa provides cost effective employees with long term commitment as per client’s needs. Our team will first seek to understand your entity’s needs, hiring criteria, entity’s culture and other requirements before sourcing for and screening the right candidates who will help drive your business growth.

We identify and approach (a suitable person employed elsewhere) to fill a business position. With our special skills, we will get you our tested candidates fulfilling all your business needs.

Our Job seekers are always welcome to our career counselling program in which we help them to get theirself updated with the best option which suits them the most and increase their chances of future prospects. With changing needs of our market, a candidate should have a required skills to target the requirements of our always changing scenerio.

As we know employees are one of the main assets of any entity, a proper training is must to keep entity’s asset always worthy for it’s entity. We provide as per the needs of the entity a fruitful corporate training and other skills to their employees so that a gap between entity’s expectations and employees output comes to its minimal level.

In todays world, getting employees with long term commitment is not an easy task. With our highly skilled and experienced team, we help to keep our client’s employees turnover ratio to its lowest with our exit interview process.

It is always crucial to check the upcoming asset before letting it part of your entity. Thus, an effective background screening of candidates is must. Alexa with its long term experience has gained required skills and knowledge regarding how to get the screening done in most effective way.